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ISN Technologies is making RFID possible.
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ISN Technologies is making RFID possible.

Posted by admin on May 4, 2022

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) as part of a RTLS (Real-Time Location System) solution has been around since the early 1980’s and an implemented technology within BHS since the early 2000’s.   There has always been the potential with passive and active systems to consider, the constraint has always been cost and business case for using it.  Passive has a tag cost that continues to be reduced and is becoming aligned with bar code tag cost, but the infrastructure costs are still significantly high.  Active infrastructure is far less, but, the tag costs are noticeably higher.  In addition, both systems have the added cost considerations beyond equipment to include special installation needs and expertise, software, ongoing licensing, maintenance, and integration costs.

Therefore, bar code technology advancement with optical scanning has been accepted in BHS designs.  The additional 1-2% scan rate with RFID compared to optical scanning did not eliminate manual encoding operations and did not cover the added cost and complexity created as compared to optical scan technology.   Sorry, if ROI was considered, RFID was not.

However, the case for RFID may be changing not on the cost, but on the benefit side of the justification.  At ISN Technologies, we recognize that in addition to baggage tracking, RFID has the potential to support BHS optimization in important ways, applying real-time baggage tracking information, improved resource utilization tools and proactive resource planning.   Proactive frequency-based maintenance and just-in-time part inventory systems can be developed.   Smart baggage sortation, automation, and flight planning can be enabled.  In addition to reduced mishandling, RFID can now optimize the BHS to reduce the total operational costs and create optimal flight handling conditions to drive on-time performance, customer service, and aircraft operations.  The recognition of these added benefits is changing the financial equation for its justification.  RFID still requires specialized conditions and volumes to be worth the added scanning benefit compared to optical, but the gap is narrowing.  Regardless of the scanning technology, ISN Technologies team is uniquely qualified to understand the proper application and make the optimal BHS solution imaginable.   To learn more, contact Nathan Haddock at Nhaddock@isntech.com  


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