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iSystemsNow Begins Operations | ISN
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iSystemsNow Begins Operations

Posted by admin on November 20, 2012

iSystemsNow is the primary business operating entity for Intelligent Systems Now Inc.  

If you want to know a little bit about how we settled on the name Intelligent Systems Now, it is part to do with Jeremy and mine's desire to push the use of new technology and new solutions to the industrial automation problems we face, and part to do with how hard it is to find a decent web domain now a days.

But all joking about web domains aside, we started talking about what is important to us.  The though of building tomorrows systems today was a prevalent point of discussion.  We threw out the name Future Systems Now as a decription of what we wanted to provide.  This boiled down to Intelligent Systems Now, which we felt had a nice ring to it.

iSystemsNow is a direct derivative from Intelligent Systems Now, but the "i" isn't just for Intelligent.  The "i" is also for Integrity, the "i" is also for Innovation, the "i" is also for Ingenuity.  These are all qualities that we hold very important in executing business.  We will always strive to come up with Ingenius solutions, use Innovative techniques and will have the Integrity to stand by our word.  All while deploying Intelligent Systems for our partners.

iSystemsNow slogan.  We believe that everything is possible.