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Unique BHS Circumstances require Extraordinary Solutions
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Unique BHS Circumstances require Extraordinary Solutions

Posted by admin on May 10, 2022


Once again, ISN Technologies is making everything possible.  The BHS industry is evolving rapidly in the post Covid recovery.  Airlines are limited for capital investment, but returning passengers focused on leisure travel and the real need to improve productivity, reduce operating cost, and drive efficiency is now essential.  The same need for efficiency is critical to the TSA burdened with added volume and risk abatement.  Airports are now applying for access to the $25 billion dollar investment in airport infrastructure being provided by the US government.   Ultimately, airports need to attack added airline activity and related revenue.  BHS is a fundamental enabling system.  The critical necessity is to develop systems that are automated that enable airlines to operate less costly, enabling faster and personalized service, and to turn aircraft assets quicker.   The solution is creating controls that not only operate the system but enable information management operations to proactively move baggage and passengers, optimize resources and maintenance costs, and are adaptable to on-going changing airport requirements.  ISN is uniquely qualified to evolve BHS control development to not only meet but innovate BHS utilization and define the new post-Covid environment.  Why? Unlike others, we are dedicated to listening, understanding, and creating unique solutions for each specific airport and airline.   We are not just talking about this, but are focused on realizing these solutions that drive the measured essential results.   Finally, we are committed to partnering with our clients in full transparency, caring, and building today for tomorrow.  Want to know more, please have a conversation with Nathan, nhaddock@ISNtech.com 


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